What is Hurling?

Widely known as the fastest game on grass, Hurling is an outdoor team game of ancient Gaelic and Irish origin. Two teams of 15 players use a stick (called a Hurley) to try and score with a ball (known as a Sliotar), 3 points if the ball goes into the back of the net, 1 if it goes through the uprights. The female variant of Hurling is known as Camogie. Games are high scoring and fast paced with many ways to move the ball down the field.

Watch the following to learn the basic rules of Hurling:

Where has Hurling been all my life?!?! How do I get involved?

We love sharing our sport with others! Check our event calendar and show up to any of our practices. Come dressed in athletic clothing and bring water, if you own cleats wear them but they are not essential for basic skills. Ask for Coach Jeff Touchette and he will get you started with some team equipment and show you the basics, no experience necessary.

I have questions, how do I get in touch with someone?

The best way is to contact us through our Facebook page, you will see a “Send Message” button near the bottom right corner of the logo.

Are there any other resources I can use to improve my skills?

Yes! The GAA has dozens of videos that will walk you through gaining, maintaining, releasing, and contesting possession.